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Pachamanca Lunch: A Sacred Inca Meal

On an organic farm in the Sacred Valley, we enjoyed a special pachamanca lunch – a traditional Inca cooking method where food is cooked under the earth.

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Six Incredible Inca Trail Highlights

The Inca Trail is one of the most popular hiking routes in the world. Not exactly unique or off-the beaten track. What can I write that’s not already been been said by the thousands of travellers that came before me?

Nostalgia by the sea: A day trip to Valparaiso

As part of our recent four day trip to Chile, we did a day trip to Valparaiso, the beautiful and colourful city by the sea overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Learning to ski in Chile

Part of a quick four-day getaway, I learned to ski in Chile, at El Colorado Ski Resort, just outside of Santiago.

Fish tales part II: ceviche at home

After 7 months living in Lima, I finally try making ceviche with fresh ingredients from the market.

Fish tales: ceviche in the market

Continuing my exploration of Lima’s markets, Steven and I head to Lima’s Mercado Central in search of some good quality fish.

Colours of the markets

SO, I think I’m slightly obsessed with Peruvian textiles… Everywhere you go, the markets are adorned with the vibrant warm hues of traditional blankets, ponchos, and the famous chullo hats.

La Vida Lima: 6 months deep

Wow. Where has six months gone? Here’s a bit of a personal update on La Vida Lima. Aside from the travelling, it’s been six months of adjusting to life on the other side of the world, and another language.

New blog name needed

I’m loving developing my blog, and I hope I’ll keep writing if / when we leave Lima. So I need a new name!

La Cordillera Blanca

Hiking to Laguna 69 in the Cordillera Blanca. Plus a swim in the freezing glacier lake