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Pachamanca Lunch: A Sacred Inca Meal

On an organic farm in the Sacred Valley, we enjoyed a special pachamanca lunch – a traditional Inca cooking method where food is cooked under the earth.

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Nostalgia by the sea: A day trip to Valparaiso

As part of our recent four day trip to Chile, we did a day trip to Valparaiso, the beautiful and colourful city by the sea overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Fish tales part II: ceviche at home

After 7 months living in Lima, I finally try making ceviche with fresh ingredients from the market.

Fish tales: ceviche in the market

Continuing my exploration of Lima’s markets, Steven and I head to Lima’s Mercado Central in search of some good quality fish.

La comida – eating our hearts out

It had to be the food….
A blog about Lima could start nowhere else. And yeah, it’s a long one…