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I’ve been reading travel blogs from all over the world, and being inspired by the masters out there. Some of my favourites are:

Goats on the Road – A full-time travelling and blogging couple who spent time in my homeland Grenada, so obviously I love them. They also have loads of great advice for new bloggers like me.

Alex in Wanderland – a very cool chick blogging about travel, diving, photography and more. I love her style and the layout of her blog.

Bacon is Magic – a travel blog with a focus on food. Need I say more? I really need to blog more about Peru’s exquisite cuisine!

They are the real big timers, in a completely different league, but it’s good to be inspired by the greats, right? I really hope this project is something I can develop in the long-term, including when we leave Lima. I’m enjoying writing about our experiences and hope I continue to do so. However, if I want to keep blogging post-Lima, the name will be obsolete. So, after thinking about it for a few weeks, I’ve decided to change it.

I’ve been searching the internet for advice and inspiration. For anyone thinking about starting a blog, these websites are full of ideas on how to come up with a blog name:

Creative travel blog names

With their help, and lots of brainstorming, I decided that my personal criteria for a new name is:

Non-geographically rooted, which is why La Vida Lima sadly has to go

Not explicitly about travel, as the content of my blog may evolve over time. Saying that, I still like words like voyage, discovery, journey etc.

Unique and memorable – a quick google search tells me if a great idea is already taken and  if the domain name is available

Personal connection – even if it’s a tenuous link, I’d love a connection to my name (Danielle, Dawn, Dee), the Caribbean, something about me, who I am or where I’m from…

Here are some of the ideas I had. I like them all for different reasons, but not quite sure.

La Vida Dee – I love how this sounds, that it’s nice and short and the continuation of ‘la vida’. It’s based on a nickname but is it too narcissistic, translating to ‘The Dee Life’? Loads of travel bloggers use their name, but I’m not sure how I feel about implying that it’s all about ‘me’….thoughts?

The Hummingbird Tales – I love this, with the play on words (tails/tales) but it’s a bit long. And it needs the ‘the’ because the domain name is already registered.

Pelican Tales – I then moved on to thinking about other birds and animals with tails! I took a break to scroll through Facebook, and saw my profile picture. Of course, a pelican!

As the Pelican Flies – suggestion from Anand Modha – thanks!

What do you guys think? Which is your favourite? Any other ideas? If you suggest something, be prepared for me to steal it!

Love from Lima xxx


Danielle de Bruin

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